The Concentric Curriculum empowers leaders and teachers to deliver the Primary National Curriculum with clarity around intent and flexibility around implementation. It is an online, comprehensive solution to your primary curriculum design and comprises a multitude of materials for curriculum mapping, short- and medium-term planning, and resources to support delivery of teaching and learning.

Through sequenced and standardised objectives across all subjects, knowledge, skills & understanding are deliberately mapped to ensure cumulative fluency across the primary experience.

As every individual school’s context is different, The Concentric Curriculum offers flexibility around curriculum mapping and implementation. Using The Concentric Curriculum as the starting point, the implementation options are as follows:

Subject-Specific Curriculum

The Subject-Specific Curriculum includes a small number of curriculum subjects, covered over two to four weeks;

Thematic Curriculum

The Thematic Curriculum includes a broader range of curriculum subjects, covered over approximately six weeks;

Curriculum Toolkit

The Curriculum Toolkit enables leaders and teachers to design their own bespoke, context-specific model;

Map Maker

The Map Maker facilitates the creation of a school’s own curriculum map and its long-, medium- and short-term planning.

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