“…as a result of The Concentric Curriculum, children at our school are far more enthusiastic about learning. It brings learning to life and has inspired the staff too! During our recent Ofsted inspection, the model was something the inspectors highly praised and I would recommend it to any leader looking to rejuvenate learning and inspire children…”

Vicky Higgins, Head Teacher, Sir Martin Frobisher Primary Academy

“…the Concentric Curriculum is a refreshingly clear and perfectly thought-out solution for schools. It served our school brilliantly during a recent Ofsted inspection and I would highly recommend it…”


Diane Raftery, Head Teacher, Springhill Primary Academy

“…the Concentric Curriculum is a must for primary schools. It is highly creative, very well-balanced in meeting national expectations and offers endless opportunities to secure high rates of pupil progress. I would wholeheartedly recommend this product to schools and leaders…”

Peter Cox, Principal Consultant, Peacocks Education Ltd

“…the Concentric Curriculum is an engaging and inspiring way to deliver learning. Children are always asking what our next mini-mission is! Personally, my practice has been transformed using this model and my workload has totally diminished…”

Heather Addison, Assistant Head Teacher, Silkmore Primary Academy

“…I love this model as it makes it so simple for children and teachers to make links across the curriculum with its constant building on and revisiting of skills and knowledge. The children in my class really understand what it means to be a historian, a geographer, an artist and so on. I genuinely cannot imagine teaching any other way…”


Laura Dimmock, KS2 Lead, Sir Martin Frobisher Primary Academy

"...Having worked with the Concentric Curriculum for just over two years, I know first-hand that the impact is truly phenomenal. The structure of the design ensures clear progression of skills within and across each year group. The mini missions engage and enthuse learners, creating a real buzz around learning in school. I highly recommend this product..."


Beth Hadley, Head Teacher, Norton Canes Primary Academy