Subject Overviews

The Subject Overviews provide the starting point for the Concentric Curriculum by encompassing all of the National Curriculum objectives and restructuring them in a clear, cohesive and user-friendly way.

For Foundation Subjects and Science, all objectives for a curriculum area (eg The Concentric Historian) can be found on one page. The inner circle contains KS1 objectives and the outer circle contains KS2 objectives. Furthermore, each circle is then divided into the individual subject’s key strands; for example, History comprises four sections: Historical Concepts, Stories & Sources, Historical Vocabulary and Historical Questions. This equips leaders and staff to see, at a glance and on one page, all statutory expectations across KS1 and KS2 in all foundation subjects. Teacher Guidance around delivery is detailed down the right-hand side.

The Core Subjects are also divided into key strands to ensure that children are exposed to a broad range of knowledge, skills and understanding. For example, The Concentric Writer is divided into five strands: Transcription, Grammar & Punctuation, Text Structure & Features, Language & Vocabulary and Plan, Draft & Edit. All objectives in each strand are then plotted, on one page, across KS1 and KS2. This design aspect allows for cohesion and clarity around pitch and expectation.